Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Freedom is like a man who kills himself each night, an incessant butcher whose knife grows sharp in blood

Crank Sturgeon [me]
Al Margolis [ny]
Painful Leg Injuries[ny]
Sergi Saldaña [no]
Ronny Wærnes [no]
Aatmaa [ct]

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Who are the mossy cronies muttering monsters antique and haggard with past thoughts?

Crank Sturgeon [me]
Mr Ebu [de]
Painful Leg Injuries [ny]
Sergi Saldaña [no]
ThrouRoof [it]
Tiziano Milani [it]

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Shrewd novitiates should be the clerks of our experience

The return of Buddy if you like our music go to the vet in 2004 features Asa Nisi Masa [ky], Golden Dead [nl], Infant Cycle [can], Nova-Sak [co], Single Jingle [de] with new sources I had recived, and Asa Nisi Masa sessions I recorded with Tim Ruth and Chris Mathews. Interesting new and old contacts such as Golden Dead, a new Dutch friend and Single Jingle, featuring the return of Michael A. Maier, a home-taping frriend last heard of in the '80s.

Apposite ritual performed in verb apparel

Asa Nisi Masa [ky]
Infant Cycle [can]
Golden Dead [nl]
Nova-Sak [co]

Like more and more becoming less and less, like space dividing its blue and by division

Like more and more becoming less and less, like space dividing its blue and by division

The particular answer to the particular question is not in point - the question is in point

Furthermore in 2001 this altogether excellent way of working with sources led to a four 8-track masters yielding three new releases. This time three new people I've never worked with before: Mangenerated from Belgium, Suso Romarís who I met in Spain and is presently living in Mexico inspecting radio towers, and my buddy from Iowa Bryan Day. But all this talk about people and techniques has nothing to say about what you are about to hear - it' s a wide range of densities and intensities. Yes, quite dramatic and unfolding, unending ranges of musics, ambiences and noises.

The sho-shoo-shoo of secret cymbals round, each must take the other as sign, short sign

The whirling noise of a multitude dwindles, all said, to the breath that lies awake at night

The return of this project was inspired by some phenomenal source material that I had received from John Wiggins [ny] and M.Nomized [fr]. I spent the first days of October, 2000 working on five 8-track masters that constitute the four most recent releases by Buddy if you like our music go to the vet. Besides M.Nomized and John Wiggins each release also features great stuff by Daruin and Courtis (from Japan and Argentina respectively.)

There must be, in the curling out of spring, a purple leaping element

Between you and the shapes you take when the crust of shape has been destroyed

Throw away the lights, the definations, and say of what you see in the dark

Either You're a Cripple Or You Help Hurt Dogs

Either You're a Cripple Or You Help Hurt Dogs is a great tape with demented vocals and wild sounds. It features the crazy Polish tape "Buddy if you like our music go to the vet", plus sounds and goodies from Agog [ca], Mika Jaxun [tn], Tom Furgas [oh], Mike Stevens [ia], Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp], De Fabriek [nl] and Minóy [ca]. With a combination like that, how can you go wrong?

Cover by huley's adoring terror [il]